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Hello Everybody!
We are very proud to present our game Signum.

Signum is originally the name of our Software Project required at MFF UK where we obtained Master Degree in Computer Graphics. In those days games like Freelancer and FreeSpace 2 inspired us so badly that we wanted to make our own game which would be at least as good as Freelancer is. But unfortunately insufficient free time and few active developers made us lower our expectations about the game and at the end we released only beta version. By this we would like to say that Signum is not complete but many features and short story mode was included to make the game playable and worthy of its presentation. You can watch original Signum preview in Alpha Version Video.

Beta version 0.1.1 is ready for download. You can also discuss almost anything with us via Signum>at<Lokiman.Com or visit our SourceForge Project.

Signum has been developed (2003-2007) by these four people:

Main Theme, Design and Lead Programmer: Vladimir Hrincar
Shader FX and Programmer: Jan Horacek
Install. Setup, UserGuide and Programmer: Jakub Hlavacek
Music, Models and Programmer: Jan Ilavsky

Two of us are former members of old mythical group Hyperbolic Magnetism so we decided to release and present Signum under flag of reborn HM.

(c) 2003 by Hyperbolic Magnetism
Email: Signum>at<Lokiman.Com